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FARES IN Aliso Viejo


Luxurious Taxi and Airport Sedans and Shuttles

  • Mobile Booking!
  • Live Tracking!
  • No Surge Pricing!
  • Quick Pay!
  • DOJ Background Investigation!
  • Safety & Quality Inspection!
  • Top Rated Commercial Insurance!

What makes Aliso Viejo Taxi Cab different from all other taxicab, yellow cab, and Transportation Network companies like Uber and Lyft?

Unlike Uber and Lyft all our drivers go through an extensive national background investigation and screening. In order to hold to the highest driver standards these investigations are done by local law enforcement and our local government regulatory body to ensure that drivers meet the highest standards of safety.

Unlike Uber and Lyft all our vehicles go through a multi-point inspection on a regular bases as well regular inspections and random inspections by law enforcement and our local government regulatory body.

The most important factor when choosing a transportation service like Irvine Taxi Cab is knowing that the drivers and vehicles have gone through the proper evaluations for your maximum safety and comfort.

What makes Aliso Viejo Taxi Cab different for all other taxicab and yellow cab companies is our mobile app and online reservation system. So many companies now have mobile booking apps. But unlike our competitors like Uber and Lyft you can make a reservation for a future date or you can request a taxi right now. Our competitors don’t give you the feature of future online reservations because their pricing changes all the time. With surge pricing recorded at as high as 50x the normal rate. These unethical companies prey on customer’s inattention to gouge them out of their hard earned.

At Aliso Viejo Taxi Cab we do not believe in surge pricing. We believe that you should get a fair and affordable rate no matter what.

In order to give you fast and convenient service you can pay for your ride via our mobile app or you can simply pay the driver with a credit card in the vehicle or cash. Our Quick Pay system allows you to choose your method of payment.

What also makes Aliso Viejo Taxi Cab different from all Uber and Lyft is our top rated commercial insurance policy. When you use those other companies you are riding at your own risk. Since these drivers have not gone through drug testing or vehicle safety inspection you can never be sure if your ride will be as safe as possible. Also, since these vehicles are not commercially insured if you get into an accident the driver who is using their own vehicle and insurance will not cover and injuries you may sustain. Since it is illegal for non-commercial vehicle without commercial insurance to operate as a transportation for service provider your claims will be denied. Don’t take the risk! Choose Aliso Viejo Taxi Cab which only utilized Top Rated Commercial Insurance carriers which have been approved by the local governmental regulatory body.

Therefore, if you need a company that stands above the rest pick the company which multiple Fortune 500 companies have chosen as their preferred taxicab company. That company is Aliso Viejo Taxi Cab.

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